Special services for the automotive OEM and automotive concerns

Tools and special tools

We are official FACOM-partner and distributor and offer several other brands for tools and tools equipment. Furthermore, we are the right contact for car workshop equipment, as well as special tools of all kinds.

Special tools management

Car workshop equipment: Specific special tool management. Custom-built special tool management – always fits your needs. Available for order in our online shops. 

Process optimization

We are structuring and optimizing processes in the automotive industry regarding organization and workflow.

Marketing in the technical sector

Marketing and communication of technical products and features require special know-how of combining the technical part with creative and modern communication. We are specialized in online and offline matters for the automotive sector.

Technical documentation

Strategic consolidation of data and information in order to make them accessible for communication and advertising purposes.

Laser facility (inhouse)

We are engraving, marking and labelling tools, tools equipment and almost every material. Belonging to our firm, we have a CO2 and a YAG-Laser in order to fulfill custom-made client needs.

Advertising material

Advertising Material for business clients: Advertising collateral, as well as textiles. Everything available as personalized advertising and branding support. We personalize the advertising material with logo, name or message. Marking & Labelling of tools and equipment for professional use in the automotive industry.

Branding, Marking & Print

Advertising material, textiles and print material: We are providing business clients with a broad range of advertising material, such as flyers, business cards, banners and graphic design. Furthermore we offer customized engravings and personalization.